Item ID  TVK Honda Series

In-Motion Video Controller for Honda

In-motion video controller allows viewing of video, DVD, MPEG, MP4, aux input etc. with
the vehicle in motion. Easy to install plug and play device works by isolating vehicle
motion sensor and/or handbrake signal.

Features include:

  • Watch DVD / MPEG / AUX Video etc. on factory monitor while car is in motion.
  • Access digital phone book without having to stop the car.
  • Browse music folders and play list from MP3 media and /or HDD audio sources.
  • Plug and play installation with no modifications to factory harness.
  • Honda In-Motion Navigation Controllers also available – please enquire.

Important Warning:

  • In-Motion controllers are designed for use by passenger(s) of vehicle. Under no circumstances should the driver be distracted from the road by watching video, operating sat-nav, using hand-held devices etc. Serious injury and/or damage to property may result.
 tvk_switch Accord Dec.2008 – Feb.2011 TVK-55
 tvk_switch Accord Tourer Dec.2008 – Feb.2011 TVK-55
 tvk_switch Accord Hybrid Jun.2013 – current TVK-64
 tvk_switch Airwave Feb.2006 – onwards TVK-41
 tvk_switch Civic Sep. 2005 – onwards TVK-41
 tvk_switch Civic Hybrid Sep. 2005 – onwards TVK-41
 tvk_switch Crossroad Feb.2007 – onwards TVK-41
 tvk_switch CR-V Oct.2006 – Nov.2011 TVK-41
 tvk_switch CR-V Dec.2011 – current TVK-59
 tvk_switch CR-Z Feb.2010 – Jul.2011 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Fit Dec.2005 – Oct.2007 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Fit Oct.2007 – Oct.2010 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Fit Sep.2013 – current TVK-64
 tvk_switch Fit Hybrid Oct.2010 – Aug.2013 TVK-59
 tvk_switch Fit Hybrid Sep.2013 – current TVK-64
 tvk_switch Fit Shuttle Jun.2011-current TVK-59
 tvk_switch Fit Shuttle Hybrid Jun.2011-current TVK-59
 tvk_switch Insight Jan.2009 – Oct.2010 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Insight Nov.2011 – onwards TVK-59
 tvk_switch Legend Oct.2010 – onwards TVK-55
 tvk_switch Life Nov.2008 – Nov.2010 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Mobilio & Mobilio Spike Dec.2005 – onwards TVK-41
 tvk_switch Odyssey Oct.2008 – Oct.2013 TVK-55
 tvk_switch Odyssey Nov.2013 – current TVK-64
 tvk_switch Saber Feb.2006 – onwards TVK-41
 tvk_switch Stepwagon Feb.2007 – Oct.2009 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Stepwagon
(without multi view camera system)
Oct.2009 – Jul.2011 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Stepwagon
(with multi view camera system)
Oct.2009 – Jul.2011 TVK-59
 tvk_switch Stepwagon Aug.2011 – current TVK-59
 tvk_switch Stream Jul.2006 – Apr.2012 TVK-41
 tvk_switch Vezel Dec.2013 – current TVK-64
 tvk_switch Vezel Hybrid Dec.2013 – current TVK-64