Item ID  BC23

Reverse Camera Adapter for Honda

Install an aftermarket head unit and retain the factory reverse camera.

  • Compatible with a range of Honda multi-angle camera systems.
  • Push button switch to toggle normal, wide, fish eye and top view.
  • Retain high grade factory reverse camera and factory harness.
  • Converts factory 8-pin plug to standard RCA video signal.
  • Automatically displays reverse camera when reverse gear engaged.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Compatible with:
    Vezel & Vezel Hybrid (Dec 2013 – present)
    Odyssey (Nov 2013 – present)
    Fit & Fit Hybrid (May 2012 – present)
    Fit Shuttle & Fit Shuttle Hybrid (Jul 2012 – present)
    Honda N Box, N Box +, N-One & N-Wagon